Greenhouse Quilt Finish

Greenhouse Quilt

I did it! Goal achieved! Huge thanks to Lisa and Diane for keeping me motivated to finish my Greenhouse quilt and any other phantom quilt alongers out there.

Greenhouse Quilt
Greenhouse Quilt designed by Elizabeth Hartman. Pieced and quilted by Anita LaHay of Daydreams of Quilts.

I finished my quilt on Saturday and when we took it out for photos after supper it was very windy. There are actually five people behind the quilt holding it against the wind – my husband, son and three neighbourhood kids who were playing nearby.

Ombré 108" Wideback Quilt Back
Ombré 108″ Wideback on the back of the Greenhouse Quilt.

I loved the backing so much that I wrapped it around to the front for binding. As you can see I quilted circular flower heads and leaves on vertical lines on the quilt. The Ombré Spectrum wideback is available in our shop.

plant themed free motion quilting
Plant themed free motion quilting on the Greenhouse Quilt. Quilted by Anita LaHay.

Prize Winner: The only other person, besides me, to post an assembled quilt top in the #greenhouseqal hashtag was Lisa Taylor so she wins $50 to spend in my shop by default. Congratulations Lisa!

I am thrilled to have my quilt finished and on my bed in time to enjoy for the remainder of the summer and beyond! Thanks for coming by to see my quilt today!

Greenhouse Quilt Along Week 10 Row 9 Plants

Welcome to week 10 of the Greenhouse Quilt Along! The last row of plants! Hooray!

It can be hard to be motivated to sew during the nice summer weather. In fact, instead of sewing my blocks I am writing this post to you while sitting outside on the deck. 🙂

Here is a bit of motivation for all of us though… look at Lisa’s gorgeous quilt!

Greenhouse Quilt by Lisa Taylor quilted by
Lisa Taylor’s Greenhouse Quilt quilted by

Isn’t it fabulous? I can’t wait to have mine finished. My last two rows are cut out and I will be sewing them this week. I’m hoping to have it quilted by next Wednesday too! I have the perfect backing. (Things got a bit crazy busy here the last week of July but I will finish on time!)

Anita’s progress on rows 8 and 9. Pieces cut and labelled.

Post your finished quilt top in the hashtag #greenhouseqal on Instagram by next Wednesday, August 8, 2018 for a chance to win $50 to spend in my shop!

Greenhouse Quilt Along Week 9 Row 8 Plants

Welcome to week 9 of the Greenhouse Quilt Along! We are so close to being finished. Some of you already are finished!

I’m glad I took this slower route of one row a week because it’s allowed me to work on other projects at the same time. I thought about knocking out the last three rows all at once but that just seemed like work to me. Even though quilting is basically my self-created job now I still want to enjoy it.

plant quilt blocks
These are my Row 7 Plants from last week in my absolute favourite colours! I am looking forward to cutting into the purples today.

Keep working on your rows because these quilts are going to look so fantastic in the end! Thank you for sewing along with me and keeping me on track. Just rows 8 and 9 to go!

Greenhouse Quilt Along Week 8 Row 7 Plants

Welcome to week 8 of the Greenhouse Quilt Along. I have caught up after I fell a week behind having sewn two rows this past week. My row 7 plants are all cut out with the cacti pieced.

My Row 7 Cacti block. 

I made a small mistake when I cut the wrong bottom corner on the large cacti but I’m going to leave it. It’s not a big enough problem to rip the block apart to fix it. This is what comes of sewing in a heat wave. Ha!

This row is made of colours that I love so that makes it more fun for me cutting and piecing the fabrics.

I hope you are coming along with your own Greenhouse Quilt. I saw Diane’s post in the Daydreams of Quilts Facebook group that she is making progress on hers. She and I both seem to sew on the same day. We are getting close to the finish now.


Greenhouse Quilt Along Week 7 Row 6 Plants

Here we go for the start of week 7 in the Greenhouse Quilt Along!

At this point we are experts at sewing these plant blocks so that’s all good but we may be losing some of our motivation so I am here to cheer you on today! We are getting very close to the end! Keep going! You can do it! (I am also talking to myself here as I have lagged a bit.)

Aloe Vera Quilt Block
Isn’t this “Kona Acid Green” colour crazy? I kind of love it though! It’s great for plants!

If you need to check the schedule on the main Greenhouse Quilt Along Post click here.

Only three more rows after this one!

Greenhouse Quilt Along Week 6 Row 5 Plants

Wow! Week six in the quilt along already! Thank you for quilting along with me and keeping me going on my rows!

A couple of my row four plants from last week. I love the Kona “Green Tea” colour on the bottom of the Prickly plant and those cacti look more prickly with that star print in them.

I finished all my row four plants in one day last Wednesday and then I got distracted with starting up sewing stock for my shop for Christmas. So I am starting off on row five today. I am enjoying posts from Lisa and Diane in the Instagram hashtag #greenhouseqal and a new participant, Sarah, just joined us and shared her fabrics and background cutting in the Daydreams of Quilts Facebook Group.

Keep going everyone! We’re more than halfway there and these quilts are going to be amazing.

The winner of the Kinder fat quarters from last week is Lisa who not only posted her rows but she almost has her quilt top together! Keep sharing for a chance to win a fat quarter bundle of Shweshwe fabrics from my shop.

Greenhouse Quilt Along Week 5 Row 4 Plants

Welcome to Week 5 of the Greenhouse Quilt Along!

This week we are sewing the Row 4 Plants. When this row is finished we will be halfway through the rows! Hooray!

Greenhouse Quilt Along
I didn’t get a chance to sew ahead this week so this is actually the Jade Plant from Row 3.

I haven’t sewn ahead this week because I was taken out of the game by a virus my son brought home from school that actually had me bundled up on the couch one afternoon in a quilt with a fever and chills. I did get my five blocks for row 3 finished yesterday though.

I don’t actually know the name of the plant on the right above but it looked like the Jade plant block so I took a photo of them together. I think my Dad knows what it’s called since he gave it to me so I’ll have to ask him.

Halfway Giveaway!

Post your first four rows of plants in the Instagram hashtag #greenhouseqal for a chance to win four fat quarters from Heather Ross’ “Kinder” line!

Happy sewing! I’ll be cutting out Row 4 today!

Visit the main Greenhouse Quilt Along post for the schedule and links to purchase supplies and the pattern.

Greenhouse Quilt Along Week 4

Greenhouse Quilt Along Row 3

Week 4 of the Greenhouse Quilt Along already! We’re into the Green row! Hooray! How are you doing with this quilt? I am feeling like mine is going well and am glad to have you quilting along with me.

Greenhouse Quilt Along Row 3

I like that this row is green and looks like some of my house plants. I also enjoy the deer on some of the Terrarium fabrics. They remind me of my Grandad’s stunning garden. His garden backed onto a golf course with a chain link fence. Deer could sometimes be seen on the golf course and would sometimes hop over the fence to enjoy the garden that he created and that we all loved so much.

flower block in the Greenhouse Quilt
Green Flower Block with Fussy Cut Deer.

Keep going on your quilt. We’re almost halfway!

Greenhouse Quilt Along Week 3 Row 2 Plants

Here we go for week 3! This is getting a lot easier now. I think it will be smooth sailing from here on in. Each week we sew the same blocks just with different colours. I am sewing mine into their row as I go too so I can watch my quilt top grow (get it? plants… growing).

Greenhouse Quilt Along Row 2
This week’s Greenhouse Quilt Along Plants. These are not colours I would normally choose but they are going to be an important part of the overall effect of the quilt.

I am enjoying watching my plant collection grow. I hope you are too! Keep sewing along and we’ll have our quilt tops done before we know it.

Post your blocks in the hashtag #greenhouseqal on Instagram and/or share them in the Daydreams of Quilts Facebook Group.

Greenhouse Quilt Along Week 2 Row 1 Plants

Welcome to the Greenhouse Quilt Along Week Two! This week we are sewing the plants for vertical row one.

Elizabeth Hartman is possibly a genius in my mind. This pattern is very complex and I am so impressed that she was able to write it in a way that makes sense for all of us to sew it.

She has clear instructions for cutting each fabric. If you labelled all your fabrics according to the fabric placement guide this will all make sense to you. (If you haven’t labelled your 10 x 10 inch colourful plant fabrics using the fabric placement yet then go ahead and do that first.)

If you haven’t downloaded the free fabric placement guide from Elizabeth’s website the links for both the pattern and the fabric guide are in the main Greenhouse Quilt Along post.

Remember to label your fabrics as you cut them so you don’t get confused later on. This is especially helpful if there will be a few days between when you cut the fabrics and actually sew them. So far my strategy is to cut one row at a time and sew it before I cut the next row.

Lisa is doing amazing sewing this quilt and posting in the hashtag on Instagram and she posted this photo of how she is keeping her colourful plant fabrics organized. She is cutting several rows at once. Give her a follow for Greenhouse Quilt inspiration!

Greenhouse Quilt Plants
Three of the Row 1 Plant Blocks. I just had these three sewn at “press time” for this blog post. These are the Aloe, Jade and Flower. The Prickly looks “trickly” but the cactus looks pretty easy.

Here is our first giveaway in the Quilt Along!

To enter: Publicly post your five plants for Row 1 sewn to their pots on Instagram and use the hashtag #greenhouseqal before next week’s blog post comes out on June 13th for a chance to win. The prize is my seam ripper enamel pin and seam ripper t-shirt!

(If you are not on Instagram please email me a photo of your five plants with pots to daydreamsofquilts (at) gmail (dot) com and I will post on your behalf.)