Ruffle Fish Net Scarf

I knit this scarf in one day! It helps that it’s spring break and my husband is home to help entertain the kids. But still… it went pretty quickly.

Here is a dorky picture of me modelling it (Ignore me please and just look at the scarf.) It’s in colours that I love but I don’t think it’s really my thing. I’ll see if my aunt would like it as she loves these ruffle scarves. I received this ball of yarn for my birthday but it had no ball band on it so I didn’t know what it was called or how to knit with it. I went on You Tube and found a video by Webs that showed me how. This is the link here. So that’s what I’ve been up to today. It’s been a productive day.

My Bliss Quilt – Fouth Finish of the Year

I finished my Bliss quilt last night and just took some photos to post. These are hot off the SD card.

The fabric in the body of the quilt is “Bliss” by Bonnie & Camille for Moda. The border fabric is a Kona solid by Robert Kaufman and the binding is a leftover piece of double wide from another quilt. I quilted the charm squares in the centre with meandering stipple quilting and the borders are quilted with stones and pebbles. I think this is the most quilting I have ever done on a quilt.

The is the fourth quilt I have finished this year and the third (and last) super easy charm square quilt. I am now onto more challenging projects now that I have cleared up some of my fabric stash. I love the colour combinations in this “Bliss” collection and I searched all my local quilt shops for this fabric. I was unable to find it so I checked on eBay and found two charm squares which I immediately purchased from the United States. I held onto them for a year or two being unsure what to do with them. In the end I just used them as they were. As soon as this quilt was finished I was going through “Bliss” withdrawal and again checked eBay for these fabrics. I did see a kit but the price was a little high. Maybe I’ll check again later.

I backed this throw size quilt with fabric from the “Cotton Blossoms” line by Bonnie and Camille for Moda which I was able to find in a local quilt shop. It’s pattern is the same as some of the fabrics on the front it just has different colours. I am thrilled to have completed this quilt which is “just for me”. Looking at it makes me want to redecorate using the aqua and red with a neutral. We are expecting to move with my husband’s career in the summer so maybe I will do that in the next house.

The impending move is what has spurred me on to complete many projects as the prospect of having all my craft supplies packed up has me feeling a bit anxious. Maybe I’ll pack the most important things in Rubbermaid bins and take them in the van with me instead of entrusting them to the movers. What am I saying “maybe” for? I know that is what I will do! I guess I should stop writing and get back to all my projects (and cook supper for my husband and kids too). I am currently a bit  obsessed with learning how to knit socks. Hopefully there will be progress on that to post about soon. Thanks for visiting my blog today.

Started New Projects

It’s the first day of Spring Break here and I’ve started two new projects plus decided to do another quilt-a-long.

I started knitting the “Honey Cowl” after reading about it on Angela’s blog Fussy Cut. I am loving this pattern! I’ve ravelled it here and here is a photo of how much I’ve done so far today.

You can download the pattern from madeline tosh for free. I intend to track down Madelinetosh yarn but in the meantime I am knitting with Martha Stewart 100% merino which I got on clearance at Michaels for $1.99 a ball.

This is my first time knitting in the round and I had one false start that turned into a necklace for my daughter. But all is well now and I am actually finding this easy! 🙂

I also started this fish cross stitch sampler which I hope to have done for my Dad in time for father’s day. Shhh! Don’t tell him! 😉 This magazine is from 1989 and was given to me by a friend of my Mom’s years ago. I just now bought all the thread colours and got started. I haven’t cross stitched in years and my kids have never seen me do it so they were quite fascinated watching me last night. (Part of that may have been stalling on bedtime though.) I can’t wait to get to the Rainbow Trout. He’s next after the Walleye that I am stitching first. With the massive tonne of snow that fell yesterday this cross stitch pattern is really making me long for summer fishing trips.

Finished Shawl

I finished the purple shawl I was knitting. It was actually done on Monday night but I didn’t get a chance to take photos and write about it until today. We are receiving A LOT of snow today so it’s a good day to stay inside and wrap up in a shawl. It turns out the shawl was not really big enough for me but it’s perfect for a four-year-old.

My daughter and I are having a pajamma day today. We both just changed from last night’s p.j.’s into a fresh pair. The pink flannel and penguins offset the shawl nicely don’t you think? 😉 I have been busy crafting all day on things for my son’s birthday party on Saturday. I’ll probably have pictures of those items to show on Saturday. In the meantime, here is the shawl from the back.

This shawl is actually a simple dish cloth pattern made huge. You cast on four stitches. Knit two rows. Then you knit 2, yarn over 1 and knit to the end. You keep doing this until the shawl is the size you want and then you bind off. It’s knit using a round as it gets too large to keep on regular needles. I believe my needles are 6.5 mm. I used “Marbles” yarn. I had one large ball of the purple. I don’t have the ball band anymore though so I can’t give anymore details than that. Ravelled here.

What I’m Working On

I am quite busy crafting even though it may not look like it on this blog so I thought I’d write a quick little post of what I’m working on.

This little person keeps me very busy. At the moment she is fast asleep on the couch (I think she is coming down with a cold, poor girl) and so I have a moment to write a blog post.

I am embroidering this pillow case. It’s taking a long time and it’s the first one out of two. That’s the thing about pairs… you get one finished and then you need to do it all over again for the second one. But they will be very nice when they’re done. 🙂

And I am knitting a purple shawl and a cotton scarf. Both also taking me a long time. I am also quilting the border of another charm square quilt and I’ve cut the pieces for Camille Roskelley’s “Fireworks” quilt. So hopefully there will be pictures to show soon. Have a great weekend!

Masculine Desk Organizing Set

I made this desk orgainizing set for my brother as a gift for his birthday using things I already had in the house. It is outdoors themed so when he’s toiling away in his office he can be reminded of fun things to do when he has time off like hiking, fishing and camping in the mountains. The tins are repurposed tea tins. The mesh basket container was from IKEA years ago and I dressed it up with the little banner and twine.

The tall tin is for pens and pencils. The small tin that says “tackle” on it is the lid of the tall tin but now it can be a container on it’s own for paper clips or thumb tacks. This second photo coming up shows the side of the tall tin with it’s little chip board tag. I covered the edges of the chip board with “distress” stickles.

The little tag says “Call of the Wild”. And here’s one last photo taken in Jasper, Alberta Canada which was the inspiration for this project.

“A Walk In The Woods” Charm Square Quilt

I finished another lap quilt today. I am amazed that I had enough batting scraps in the house to piece together batting for four lap quilts/throws and a baby quilt. This one is made with the fabric line called “A Walk In The Woods” by Aneela Hoey for Moda. Like my “Sherbet Pips” quilt it is made with two charm square packs. I have one more like this to post, when it’s finished, made with “Bliss” charm squares.

Those are my husband’s feet under the quilt and my little daughter’s feet just to the right of his. Normally I would crop that out but I thought it was cute. These photos are taken in an afternoon sunbeam coming through the window so not the best light but better than going out in the cold.

Here is a closer shot of some of the cute fabrics (and the shadow of my head – not so cute). This quilt features Little Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf. My daughter is thrilled with the theme and even got her Little Red Riding Hood book out today in honour of the big finish.

I was wracking my brain trying to think of what to back the quilt with when I remembered a bundle of Sweet 16’s that I’ve had for three and half years and still don’t know what to do with. They are a very soft, thick flannel. I pieced 35 of them together for the backing. When I was making the quilt sandwich I realised that it is very difficult to get the seams on the backing lined up parallel with seams on the front. So we’re just going to be happy with the seams running a bit off kilter. (My husband actually said he really liked that so I’m going with that. This shot has no feet but shins instead.)

Here is a closer shot of the border and binding (blue with red mushrooms). I just quilted with with a walking foot stitch-in-the-ditch style. I may add more quilting later but I don’t want to quilt over the little characters. I was going to post a closer shot of the centre Sweet 16 on the back but can’t get it to upload for some reason. It has sweet little bunniesj and flowers on it. Thanks for stopping by. I think we’ll be reading “Little Red Riding Hood” this afternoon under the quilt in the sunbeam.

Home Made Stuffed Animal Toys

This week I was hard at work making stuffed toys for my children and their friends.

These two adorable creatures were made for my daughter’s friends who are twins and were turning 5. The elephant was a pattern by Retro Mama. You can see more about this one in this post.
The monkey is from a pattern by Indygo Junction called “Yo-Yo Monkey” (#IJ862) that came out in 2009 and I am just now getting around to sewing it. There is also a yo-yo monkey in the pattern packet but I didn’t have that kind of time. I used fabric with sock monkeys on it to make the monkey. So cute! He has plastic pellets in his hands, feet and bottom to give him some weight.

Here is a closer shot where you can see the sock monkey fabric better. This fabric was by Moda and came out a couple of years ago I think. I also embroidered his face.

Yesterday I finished two more elephants. I posed them like this for Valentine’s Day. The blue/grey one is for my son who has been waiting eight months for it. I used scraps from a yoga bag I sewed a couple of years ago to make it. The fabric on the ear is an Amy Butler fabric. I’m not sure about the body. The other elephant is identical to the first one I made and is again a birthday gift for a little girl who is turning 4. My daughter has received a lot of birthday party invitations lately. This post adds some major cuteness to my blog don’t you think? Until next time, happy sewing!

Charity Baby Quilt

Here is a sweet little baby quilt that I whipped up. It literally only took about three hours to make.

I used one charm square pack of “Summersville” by Lucie Summers for Moda. The quilt is on one of those little kids chairs from IKEA to give you an idea of the size. I made one of this size for my babies and they are so great for travelling in vehicles and strollers. Crib sized ones drag on the stroller wheels and can be cumbersome so I found my little one got a lot of use.

I think little babies will find these prints very interesting to look at. Especially the black and white ones for very new babies. I love the little houses and trees. There’s even a little Tudor style building on what looks like  Main Street.
I machine sewed the binding. This was my second try at this technique and it turned out much better. I learned that it works best if you trim the batting and backing right to the edge of the quilt top. Then you are sure not to get any stitches in the binding when you are sewing on the back. This quilt will be given to a charity collection of baby items at my church.

I Finally Sewed My Sherbet Pips Quilt!

Here is my second finished quilt of 2013. It is probably the easiest quilt anyone can possibly make so I got it done very quickly. I like how when you stand back and squint at it it looks pixels on a computer.

This quilt is a lap quilt for the living room made with two charm square packs of “Sherbet Pips” by Aneela Hoey for Moda. I LOVE this fabric and couldn’t bear to cut into the charms and risk hacking up the little children and dogs so I just sewed the charms into a quilt top. Super easy… anyone can do it. Then I added a six inch border of my favorite fabric from the collection and a binding of another fabric from the collection and voila!

The backing is a solid grey quilters cotton. I hand sewed the double fold binding to the back.

This is the border fabric of the little doggies chasing balls and mice and leaving muddy paw prints behind them. I tried not to quilt through any of the adorable little dogs. They remind me of my Jack Russell Terrier chasing his ball in the yard.

Here he is panting after having a good few rounds of fetch. This photo was taken in 2010 in the spring. He still chases his ball even though he’s almost 14 years old but not for as long as he used to.

Here you can see there are kids on scooters, little dogs and girls on tree swings. The most adorable fabric ever! I’m going to go poke around my favorite quilt shop and see if there’s any hiding there still. I bought this fabric in 2011 though so I doubt it.

I tried not to quilt through the little children either so my quilting is a bit large and curvy but I love this quilt. For me this one is all about the fabric and not about fancy piecing or quilting. I am happy this fabric is finally out of my drawer and into a quilt for my family to enjoy.