Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

At Daydreams of Quilts our goal is to help quilters succeed in their chosen craft of quilting and in their handmade related businesses. We offer free downloads and email series from time to time. In order to receive these free offers we request your email address for our email subscription list.

We never share your email address with anyone and you are free to unsubscribe from our emails at any time.

Our emails may include marketing about our online shop, our PDF patterns and possibly paid courses and other offerings in the future. We may also survey our readers and subscribers to ask how we can better meet their needs and what they think of our products and services.

If we offer paid services such as courses and ebooks in the future you will need to provide your email so we can deliver these services to you. This would be a requirement of our terms of service. In these cases you are not automatically added to our email list unless you choose to receive marketing at checkout.

We take privacy very seriously and will never share your email with anyone else. We use Mailchimp to deliver our emails and we are confident with their level of security.

At no time are you under any obligation to give us your email address if you do not wish to receive free or paid services.